State of Mind

It’s been fun watching our kids’ sibling dynamic evolve. They are growing up and are both learning to express themselves in new ways each day. Chase has finally started showing that he deeply cares about Logan and Logan has started to express her almost-two-year-old emotions. But one constant since Logan entered our family, has been Chase’s complete obsession with something only after his sister looks at it, picks it up, climbs on it, or asks for it.

Logan had decided to sit in the booster and as soon as she showed interest – it became critical for Chase to sit there too. She is screaming and crying so hard that she is literally foaming at the mouth.

Chase took one look at her and said: “Woah. That’s a face I’ve never seen before.”

I died. I think these two have a lot in store for us.


Don’t think too much.

I met up with a friend for a last-minute lunch today, we got on the topic of happiness and she asked me what I do for myself… I paused for a long while and finally mustered, well when the daily stresses of life outweigh my guilt of not spending enough time with my family, I treat myself to a pedicure. Anything else? Hmm, no.

Babies and toddlers have drastically decreased my “me” time and even quality time with my husband. I can’t even write one complete sentence, because Chase continues to call me upstairs to avoid taking a nap.

But this question really got me thinking, just because I’m a working mother and supportive wife does not mean it’s okay to lose my own identity. On average, I spend 99% of my waking hours worrying about my family, our finances, our home, my responsibilities at work. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night to worry some more. That leaves a measly 1% of my energy for taking care of my wants, needs, and dreams.

During the same conversation with my friend, I was able to rattle off a few things that I used to love spending time doing pre-kids (who by the way are the two biggest blessings of my life). She challenged me to spend 15 minutes on one of those things this week. First of all, going to lunch with a friend, that was big for me and not feeling guilty doing it was even bigger. Secondly, I love writing on my blog, it’s the one time I can get all my thoughts out of my head without any interruption, it’s therapeutic, I enjoy it. So there you go, E! Even though you might never read this, I did something for me today! Something that makes me happy.

“Don’t think too much. Just do what makes you happy.” @secrets2success IG


Cooley Chronicles 2.0

Remember the days when I used to document the things happening in our daily lives? I loved those days. I love going back and reading how I perceived life and it’s happenings and I want that feeling again. So here goes, friends.

Today I felt like a toddler. If you have had a toddler you definitely know what I mean. There were times I felt so relentlessly frustrated and grumpy and then other moments I was completely elated and laughing my head off. I blame the rainy weather, an uninvited lack of sleep and our unpredictable tyrant toddler.

But although emotionally I felt like a young child, I thankfully did not quite act like one. Because if that were the case, my reaction to a particularly unsavory moment would look something like this:

Picture the four of us driving along quite calmly to the Hair Cuttery and Chase proclaims, “I WANT MY BLANKIE!” Stumbling parents stutter out statements like, “Chase we are almost there, they have suckers, our house is so far away, there are magic unicorns.” “TURN AROUND!” (with giant alligator tears streaming down his face)! Tanner and I constantly find ourselves wondering why he is losing his mind and why he feels SO MUCH.

The next minute he is hugging me. Not just a regular hug. This particular hug involves his arms, his legs. his feet, his face. Literally everything, including his toes, are gripping me so tightly that I FEEL his love.

Sometimes he makes me feel so helpless – like sinking to the floor to start bawling because of something as simple as Chase refusing to eat dinner helpless – and other times I can’t help but smile from ear-to-ear from something cute he says – or sings – out of no where, in the middle of the grocery store (to the tune of mommy’s going to buy you a mockingbird) “Mommy’s going to buy me a happy face (balloon).”

I never knew so many strong emotions could co-exist.

This little boy was sent here to teach me patience and love and how to be a better person every day.

LKC: Eight Months

Dear Logan,
You are a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy life. And this week we did just that. We were fortunate to have just enough airline miles for you and I to hop on a plane to spend time with your Aunt Courte and new baby cousin, Mia in Utah. The timing was impeccable and you were an angel on your first flight ever.

Cousins are the BEST. I have lots of cousins on both sides of the family and growing up with them in my life was priceless.

Here are a few things I don’t want to forget about you at 8 months:
You cry for mama when you are lonely
The doctor says you are petite at only 16 lbs
People call you “smiley” which is exactly what you are
You visited the city you were named after (Logan, Utah) this week
You said “dada” for the first time and we captured it on camera
You love to clap and wave, “hello” and “bye bye”
You have two teeth on the bottom, so far (and I’m convinced your top teeth have been “coming in” for a month, is that possible?)
You were napping while I wrote this, and when you woke up, you sat up, grinned, and immediately started clapping

I am so grateful to have you in our lives, Logan. You always have a smile on your face and you leave an impression on everyone you meet.

Love you,

Ready! Set! Play!

Here is quick video of Chase’s playdate with his buddy Luke this weekend – I love seeing them grow and play together!


Also, if you have 2 minutes and 17 seconds you should definitely watch this video montage that we made of our summer. I can’t believe it’s over! Tears!

Thanks for getting us off our butts and into your incredibly small, yet remarkably adventurous world. We love you Chase!